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The "Before" Phase of Retirement Planning

Welcome to Ntact Retirement Solutions, your trusted partner in planning for retirement and creating a secure and fulfilling retirement journey. As Las Vegas financial advisors, we understand that the foundation of a successful retirement lies in meticulous planning and informed decision-making. In this phase, aptly named the "Before" phase, we delve into the crucial steps that pave the way to your ideal retirement.

Ntact Retirement Solutions isn’t the only fee-based financial planner out there, but we are incredibly unique in that we maintain a maximum fee cap that we charge clients. Also, we make our services available to everyone, regardless of the amount they have to invest, their financial situation, or their income bracket. We use the best tools and the best practices to help our clients create and go after their retirement goals.

Preparing for Retirement Checklist

Preparing for Retirement Checklist

At Ntact Retirement Solutions, we cover every aspect of retirement so you can feel confident that you’re on the right track with the right retirement advisors. Our retirement checklist includes:

  • Sources of income
  • Retirement accounts
  • 401(k) rollovers & Roth Conversions
  • Social Security entitlements
  • Insurance considerations
  • Estate planning
  • Education planning 
  • Tax planning
  • Tax efficient retirement withdrawal strategies
  • Knowing when to retire

Your 401(k) Journey with Pontera

Introducing Pontera, our cutting-edge platform designed to empower you with insights into managing your 401(k) effectively. Often, individuals navigate their 401(k) options without seeking professional guidance, resulting in investment decisions that are less than ideal. Our approach is to be deeply involved in every aspect, offering personalized guidance and education. This is the only way to ensure your 401(k) aligns with your retirement goals.

The cumulative impact of your 401(k) planning can’t be overstated. Over time, unguided 401(k) choices can lead to increased risk levels. Regular reviews and adjustments are pivotal for sustained success. Our professional advice can turn a mediocre retirement into an extraordinary one. Even a slight increase in return rates makes a significant difference over time. Trust us to help you make the most of your retirement funds so you can make the most of your retirement. 

Estate Planning: Protecting Your Legacy

Estate Planning: Protecting Your Legacy

Early estate planning is a cornerstone of the "Before" phase of retirement planning. Securing your assets from probate ensures your legacy reaches your loved ones seamlessly. We navigate the complexities of estate planning, and as your guide, we help to safeguard your assets and minimize tax implications and losses.

Ntact helps you to preserve your vision. Don’t let your estate and assets fall to the wrong people or the government. You deserve a fantastic retirement and to pass down your legacy in the way you envisioned. Thus, your hard-earned assets deserve protection. We ensure they're distributed as per your wishes which fosters peace of mind.

Beyond Preparing for Retirement: Holistic Considerations 

If only retirement were the only thing on the horizon you need to plan for! Remember that there are other things to consider, and remember that Ntact is here to help you with them. 

  • Planning for Education: College funding, facilitated by tools like 529 plans, forms a pivotal aspect of comprehensive financial planning.
  • Forward-Thinking: Our experts integrate college funding goals into your retirement roadmap, avoiding potential financial strains.
  • Comprehensive Insights: By addressing expenses holistically, we create a well-rounded strategy that aligns your aspirations with financial realities.

Proactive Planning: Shaping Your Retirement Contingencies

We understand that talking about end-of-life decisions and planning for possible catastrophes isn’t fun. However, with the guidance of Ntact Retirement Solutions, you can get the peace of mind you need by anticipating the unexpected and preparing for possible contingencies.

The Power of Proactivity

A great retirement hinges on proactive planning. We're here to ensure every contingency is meticulously accounted for.

Hands-On Approach

Our commitment extends beyond advice - we proactively adjust your strategy, engaging with you quarterly to keep your plan aligned and make necessary adjustments.

Custom Tailoring

Each individual's circumstances are unique. Our personalized approach tailors solutions to your specific needs, fostering resilience.

Tax-Efficient Growth and Roth IRAs

Tax-Efficient Growth and Roth IRAs

IRA Planning and managing taxable assets with an eye on growth requires strategic finesse. We navigate your taxable assets so you can avoid unnecessary losses. We believe in the Roth advantage and in maximizing tax efficiency. We explore Roth IRA options, complementing your 401(k) choices for a diversified, tax-free portfolio. We also minimize future tax burdens through Roth conversions and strategic planning, so your retirement fund remains intact and growing at its optimal rate. 

Let’s Get You On Track to Retire In Style

If searching for a “retirement advisor near me” got you here, you can feel confident that you have come to the right place. The best retirement planning in Las Vegas happens with Ntact Retirement Solutions. At Ntact, we recognize that the path to a fulfilling retirement starts long before your retirement day. Our unwavering commitment to guiding you through the "Before" phase ensures that every detail is addressed, and every aspiration accounted for. 

Whether it's optimizing your 401(k), safeguarding your legacy, or preparing for contingencies, our expertise transforms your retirement dreams into reality. Reach out to us today, and embark on a journey of proactive, strategic, and comprehensive retirement planning. Your ideal retirement awaits and Ntact Retirement Solutions is here to help make it happen!

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